Cozumel is often heralded as the Caribbean’s most visited dive destination. And it’s no wonder, considering the legendary beauty of its reefs, consistent top-notch water clarity, and bargain prices. The Gulf Stream blows in from the south like a liquid wind. Part of it is captured and funneled by the Abyssal Trench through the 12 mile stretch of ocean that separates Cozumel from the Yucatan Peninsula. These currents deliver a constant supply of nutrient rich water which sustains the reefs and over 200 species of fish. With water temperatures that range from the mid 70’s(F) in the winter, to the low to mid 80’s(F) in the summer, Cozumel offers a variety of diving conditions suitable for divers of all skill levels.

A technique known as drift diving is the order of the day when it comes to visiting the reefs of Cozumel. You exit the boat, descend and simply relax. The reef presents itself in fabulous displays of contorted shapes and blazing colors as you are wafted by the current past lush coral gardens and an eye popping array of sea life. Meanwhile the boat captain follows your group’s exhaled bubbles or a tethered dive float, when the dive is, you simply surface and the crew helps you back on board the boat.

Drift dives typically last longer than anchored diving since you don’t expend air and energy fighting your way up-current for part of the dive. And in the currents of Cozumel, you may travel anywhere from a half mile to more than five miles during the course of a dive, with barely a kick of a fin. And due to the close proximity of most dives to the shore, you are likely to spend your surface intervals lounging on one of the many picturesque, white-sand beaches. The reefs of Cozumel truly offer world class diving of the highest caliber.